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Executive Summary

1. Business Overview

Digitoe, Inc. was started in 1988 by Alan Zerobnick as a research project to develop the technology for making shoe lasts that correspond to the individual foot. After a lengthy investigation of the existing CAD/CAM computer systems (Vicam, Gerber, Clarks, LIC, Microdynamics), it was determined that they were CAD systems developed for mass production.

In 1993 Digitoe became an AutoCad Registered Developer. This provided the technical environment required. Digital images could then be captured, measured and manipulated.

This led to the development of a proprietary foot scanning system to interface with existing CAD/CAM software.

Now, Digitoe has developed "The Total Solution" from the scan of the foot to the milling of the shoe last, to the finished shoe, made to fit the individual foot. Currently Digitoe is pursuing a strategy of establishing retail fitting centers using the technology to allow the mass customization of footwear.

2. Business Model

Digitoe is organized in discreet strategic business units. These are:

Web Site Promoting all of the business units. This is among the highest rated web sites in the industry, achieving top position in search engine results.


Foot Scanning and Imaging Technology
3D Last Development
3D CNC Rapid Prototyping and Last Milling
2D Pattern Design & Grading
2D CNC Pattern Cutting

Digitoe Retail Fitting and Manufacturing Centers

Customers visit retail shops where their feet are scanned. The digital files are then delivered electronically to central fabrication where a custom last is produced. Finished custom shoes are delivered to the customer within a few weeks. The custom last will be available to the client for a lifetime. This approach gives the customer a physical shoe last that can be transported to a shoe manufacturer any where in the world.

Alternatively, using proprietary technology , shoes are manufactured either on site or in central fabrication and are available for delivery to the customer within a few days. In this case a “virtual last” is created and can be used to order shoes in the future from any Digitoe licensed manufacturer.

Digitoe Shoe School

Shoemaking is a rapidly becoming a lost art. Utilizing the Founder’s forty years of experience in the shoe industry, Digitoe shoe School provides a venue where people can learn the entire process of shoemaking, and learn how to start and operate a shoe manufacturing business.

Digitoe Shoe School also is perfect training facility for use by licensed Digitoe Fitting and Manufacturing Centers.

3. Key Licensee Considerations

... A License of Digitoe technology provides a tremendous source of revenues and profits.

... The opportunity exists to gain first mover advantage in mass customization of footwear.

... The Licensee can gain access to exclusive proprietary technology.

... The ability to leverage the unparalleled brand equity of Digitoe.

4. Reasons For Business Opportunity

To realize the Founder’s vision of commercializing the technology on a mass customization level, significant additional resources are required. Although highly scalable, the opportunity exists to leverage the proprietary technology to create a highly profitable worldwide enterprise.

5. What the Digitoe Technology License Includes

Access to, and rights to use Digitoe’s DigiLast Technology for the foot imaging scanners, and production of Custom Shoe Lasts.

An Exclusive Marketing Region

Client traffic from and other media and public relations efforts.

Supply rights from an authorized Digitoe Manufacturing Center.

Technical Support

Initial Training

Instructions and guidelines for setting up the retail fitting centers.

6. How to Become a Digitoe Licensee

Submit an application to Digitoe. After a discussion with an Authorized Digitoe Representative, terms will be defined and an engagement document will be forwarded to you.

7. Confidentiality

A nondisclosure agreement will be required for access to confidential information.

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