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November 1996

" Bespoke Footwear "



Bespoke Footwear

Founded in 1988 as a research project by Master Leather Craftsman and Custom Shoemaker Alan Zerobnick, the object of Digitoe Computerized Footwear Systems was to adapt 3D CAD/CAM technology to Bespoke Footwear.

Digitoe says that it has set out to develop a total solution from scanning of the foot to milling the shoe last and producing the shoe. The company has developed software for designing and modifying a 3D last and also an alternative to conventional last turning methods. Digitoe claims that using its process, it is possible to proceed from sketch to prototype within 24 hours for a concept of a new model last.

Digitoe has also recently demonstrated a foot scanner and retail sales kiosk which show how a customer will be able to access the Digitoe electronic catalog from home on CD or linked to the Internet.

By using CNC driven equipment Digitoe says that it has developed a new approach to manufacturing and marketing footwear and is able to offer Custom Fit Footwear at competitive prices.

Digitoe is currently working with individuals and shoe manufacturers world wide interested in licensing its technology. The company will be commercially operational in 1997 and is planning retail fitting centres in the USA and Europe.

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