Footwear News

February 1996

" A Fitting Idea "




Ambitious Mass-Customization Entrepreneurs Aim to Revolutionize Footwear Technology.

by Isabelle Sender

NEW YORK- Alan Zerobnick, footwear cobbler turned mass customization enthusiast, is shooting for a "beta test site location" to be up and running in Seattle by June. After the setup, the next step would be to clone the concept to other locations that would handle the sales and measuring and receive measurements via satellite from foot scanners and relay them to the central fabrication site in Seattle.

As reported, Zerobnick's Port Townsend, Washington based company, Digitoe, Inc., said it has developed and patented a not contact foot scanner that can translate 3 dimensional data to CAD/CAM software to produce customized shoe lasts.

The custom fit specialty store would use this technology to offer services such as technology aided custom footwear; prescription services and adjustments; shoe repair; high end custom footwear; and a branded size and width program.

With data collected from each foot, such as last shape, size, pattern and grading, by using the foot scanning device and automated shoe making equipment on site, Zerobnick said the Seattle flagship store will be able to fit customers in just 2 hours. He said this quick service will be available in men's, women's and children's basic styles, such as casual dress, work inspired and walking shoes. Starting price points will be $99 and will top out at about $129.

Zerobnick reminded Footwear News that he already makes custom shoes- "all I am doing is speeding up the process."

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