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December 1996

" Digitoe Makes Last Using Only Computer "



Digitoe Makes Last Using Only Computer

Digitoe, Inc. announced that it has produced a perfect 3D CAD/CAM Custom Shoe Last without the use of a lathe or milling machine. "As far as we know, it is the first of its kind in the world," said Alan Zerobnick of Digitoe.

This revolutionary new technology, he said, will make it possible to produce small quantities and individual lasts without the hassle and expense of the standard last turning lathe. In the future, it may replace the lathe completely, he suggested.

The equipment required to produce the last is simple to operate, clean and efficient. It can be placed in an office environment, next to the computer. It is described as the perfect tool for the designer, developer and custom last model maker.

The cost of this new technology is considerably less to purchase and very simple to maintain, as opposed to the expensive, cumbersome and messy conventional lathes of the past.

The development of this new technology is a "spin off" of the Digitoe funded project to develop "custom lasts" for difficult to fit feet, and "custom fit footwear."

Digitoe intends to market the technology and hardware worldwide, as part of its service bureau operations.

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